Extended Producer Responsibility

Producer Responsibility Cycle

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies extend the producers’ responsibility beyond the consumption stage of a product’s life-cycle. Producers are responsible for financing the correct management of the waste arising from their products.

Thereby, producers work towards enhancing their products to be recyclable where possible and to move away from an outdated Linear Economy and contribute towards a Circular Economy.

In addition, recycling and recovery of waste material will become more efficient. Ultimately, a smart product design reduces the disposal of waste and contributes to the efficient use of resources and the retrieval of secondary raw materials.

Lightcycle SA promotes the positive role of its EPR scheme on society and the environment with a special focus on all lighting products. The reason for this is that lighting products have unique characteristics that must be taken into consideration in the recycling process.

Lightcycle SA is the take-back system that manages the waste management value chain of collection, storage, transportation and recycling and processing of waste lighting and associated lighting equipment in South Africa.

The two main aspects for a successful waste value chain is the nationwide set-up of an easily accessible collection network as well as intensive and ongoing information and awareness-building campaigns. We aim to significantly increase knowledge about this subject, resulting in sustainable annual growth of our collection volumes.