Lightcycle SA is a non-profit producer responsibility organisation (PRO) established in 2018 to organise the nationwide collection of end-of-life lamps and associated lighting equipment in South Africa, and to responsibly manage these waste products in line with the producers’ legal obligations. Manufacturers, importers and brand owners (Producers) can thus meet the legal requirements (In compliance with Section 7(1) of Notice No. 1353 which was published by the Minister of Environmental Affairs on 6 December 2017 in terms of Sections 28(1) and 31 of the National Environmental Management Waste Act (Act No. 59 of 2008) by joining a system that is both ecologically and economically sustainable.

Lightcycle SA’s objective is to promote the compliant and sound end of life management of lighting and associated equipment with accredited service providers for the efficient collection, transportation, and recycling thereof. Lightcycle SA has developed the Lighting Industry’s Waste Management Plan (IndWMP) that details all the requirements for the implementation of responsible and holistic post-consumer lighting waste management throughout South Africa.

What is the role of a PRO?

A Producer Responsibility Organisation is an organisation that helps producers meet their extended producer responsibility (EPR) targets through various key stakeholders in the value chain in the country. The PRO is responsible for setting up and managing the value chain mechanisms for the targeted waste material and to create awareness for recycling of all lighting waste.